PUMA and Arsenal have released the Arsenal Home Jersey 2015/16 with an incredible new design.

arsenal home jersey 2015/16 arsenal home jersey 2015/16

The Brand New Arsenal Home Jersey 2015/16 was released on the 15th of June 2015 by Puma and features the traditional red colour with gorgeous white sleeves. A white stripe runs down the lower sleeves to the upper side part of the new Arsenal Home Jersey 2015/16, while two thin red lines are on the white sleeves of the Jersey.
On the back of the Jersey is a white triangular design below the neckline with the letter A inside the triangle representing Arsenal FC. Finally, the jersey has a modern Polo collar with one button and a golden line, which can be also seen on the sleeve cuffs.

The PUMA Logo and the Fly Emirates Sponsor Logo are in a beautiful white colour. The New Arsenal Jersey 2015/16 will also feature a new stylish typeface inspired by the new A logo visible on the upper back of the Jersey. The numbers are in white and feature a subtle 3D effect and cutout lines inside them as you can see below.
alexis 17ozil 11
You can now order the new Jersey of the FA Cup Champions 2014/15 Here.